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Especially that last one, because I think it captures something about the JuC relationship. And JC? Have you ever thought about free climbing? Because DAMN your arms are long. Monkey boy.

furrysparkles, cloudboy's mix is *phenomenal.* Thanks for the dl. Tell him "yowsa" from me.

The sex thing:

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Shy? Bwah! No, exactly.

Fingers: printed. Practitioner will be sending my health certification. Florida: one step closer. But jeez! Two hundred & some-odd bones for a nursing license. Rapacious fuckers.

pierson, I had to turn the wall-hanging thingy face-in while I got undressed last night. Perhaps I am shy. Baby!sync watching me get ready for bed? Please, let me do a sit-up first. Jeez.

Okay, JC and Chris are fucking right now, so I gotta go. Y'all understand. Have a lovely day!

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