silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi there, y'all. Quick bit of nonsense today, because I really must go and find some potatoes of some sort. To eat. Don't even start with me, you weirdos.

Rather disappointed that I didn't get 904809 anonymous comments to my me meme telling me to SHUTUP AND NEVR RITE AGAIN, because I was ready. Ready, I tell you, spoiling. Obviously, I haven't been pissing enough people off or writing enough degraded nasty dreck. You can be sure all that will change. I do it all for the memes.

GIP because writing sucks, y'all. Or perhaps it is that I suck. Hmm. Anyhow.

What else? Oh! Yes. Have decided that my ideal man is a combination of Homer Simpson, Hal Sparks, that dancing crossing guard on the Titan Insurance commercial, the guy who played Sherlock Holmes on the PBS Mystery series even though he's dead, Brian Eno, and... hmm. There was someone else. Some boyband guy. I forget.

All right, then.
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