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He's delicious!

Finally saw the Fairly Oddparents with Chip Skylark. I laughed, I cried. It became a part of me. Actually, I'm pretty sure I snorted. "Millions of women... and my dad!" Hee!

Ahhh, Chris. Out of all the pups, he's the one I wouldn't mind meeting. Oh, sure. Rip JC's clothes off with my teeth. In a dream. In real life, if JC Chasez comes within a trillion miles of me and I know it, my teeth will drop out of my head, which then would explode. I'm telling you. But, Chris, on the other hand. He would probably end up annoying me so much that there could be no fear. Or we'd make each other laugh, which is what the happy-go-lucky silver thinks might happen. We don't let her out much.

What? Huh? Oh, posting in a trance again. Dammit.

What I really wanted to say today is OW, MY FUCKING BACK. That's it. Kind of a recurrance of a slipped disk I developed in the early '90s. Can I just tell you, the bad part (aside from the relentless pain, of course) is that I think I got it sitting at the computer for 59394754 hours last week, writing the bulk of a story. Suck! It's not fair! I love writing! It's like reading, only harder. Heh. And, I love my story! It was worth it! Well, it better be. I won't know 'til a month from now when I dig it back out for a fresh perspective, then post it. We'll see.
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