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Can I have Matthew Sweet's girlfriend instead? I mean...

Stupid song. In my head. Grr.

Fixin' to watch the Atlantis Satellite feed. I love *nsyncland, can I just tell you.

Got a new story idea. I was in my shower when the bunny hit. I had to grab a grease pencil I had in a nearby drawer, to write it down on the shower wall. Too bad, though: it didn't occur to me that red might stain, so future shower-goers are reallllly going to wonder what went on in here.

Thank goodness for the new idea. I've written poetry and lit crit, due to a checkered past involving an english department and a failed attempt at a masters in modern studies and critical theory (back when post-modernism was pop). I've written research papers, due to my current life in health care. But I've never written fiction before. I didn't know this story was going to suck me in like this! Someone should have warned me. I mean, it's done. But I can't seem to leave the universe. I'm not writing anymore... but I can't stop reading it & thinking about it. Weird.

Actually, maybe not that weird. When I read a story I like, it sticks with me. And writing, stupid as it sounds, has that same feeling of discovery to it as reading, for me. So maybe this is just my own little compliment to myself. Yay, me! Heh.

I would like to state formally, for the record, that JC Chasez is the most adorable man I have ever laid eyes on. In case there was any doubt. Who paid 10 bucks for a dvd because it had, like, four minutes of him on Movie House with Cameron Diaz et al? Me, I did. [waves] Sigh. But, you know... I don't wanna be right. If you know what I'm saying.
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