silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Porn is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Someone needs to let JC and Justin in on that one, though. This drabble is all I could get from them today:


"Must you play that crap all the time," Justin says.


Justin stomps off. JC shrugs and turns around. Chris is smiling.

"What," JC says, stabbing at the grill.

"Whoa, hotdog overboard," Chris says. JC glares at him. "It is crap," Chris adds.

"It is not," JC insists. "And he liked it yesterday, so." Another hotdog bites it. Chris takes the spatula from his hand.

"Okay, then. How about I take over here, Julia Child?"

Chris begins smacking at the hamburgers. JC hesitates. Finally he turns up the volume on the boombox and heads for Justin. Chris rolls his eyes.

Those boys got issues.
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