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Random story alert:

And after I got off the ferry in Wales? At 4.30 in the morning? There were no trains until, like, 7 am. So I waited in the crusty gothic train station 'til morning, no sleep for 36 hours and jetlagged and high off Tom Jones. It was dark and mostly abandoned, but I had no idea where I was and just wanted to get to Cardiff, so I read my copy of Gerald's Game that cost 12 fucking pounds in a Dublin chemist shop, such a rip-off for that book, and wandered around the mostly empty station and tried to stay awake. I say "mostly empty," but someone else was there. This guy was clearly fucked up or crazy or something, really bizarre. He kept marching up and down the tiled main floor of the station, babbling to himself and singing, lifting his knees high in a kind of goose step, and he was wearing rainbow striped leg warmers and had a mohawk and various things pierced. He was extremely interesting. But being the nasty interfering type that I am, an Aries with a talent for fucking with people, tired in a strange place and riding the edge of hysteria myself, I kept wandering across his path and looking at him. And every single time he said "meep!" and veered off, clearly thinking I was fucked up or crazy or something. But he never stopped singing, the whole night.

Then in the morning the train came and took me away to Cardiff, but I was too exhausted and freaked out at that point to negotiate the buses, on which the fares seemed to be different depending on where you wanted to go, but I had no real idea. So I walked for hours to find the youth hostel. And I found neighborhoods below street level, where you had to go down the front steps to get to the rainbow colored front doors, and a huge cemetery filled with stone angels and weeping children where a cat came and walked beside me for a long time, and when I got to the hostel 948579847 hours later it was closed. So I had a good laugh, although I think I wanted to cry, in retrospect. Then I went walking again.

February 24, y'all. Be strong.

And here's a song for you, a lot more normal than is my wont but a favorite of mine:

Praise You by Fat Boy Slim

Maybe next I'll post his amazing song "Michael Jackson." Has anyone heard that?

What I really, really want to do today is chat for 97 hours like yesterday, but I'm not the type who can chat and write at the same time. And I guess it's time to stop resisting (damn you, mickeym) and just fucking write, already. Pfft.

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