silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Nothing like a shopping mall to separate you from yourself, is there? And I didn't even make it inside. Just Barnes & Nobles and Sears, but that was plenty for me, so I came home. Not even really sure why I went. Avoiding the writing, I think. Oh, but yes: I was hoping to find a book on chemotherapy administration, but all they had was nonsense like "The One Thing That Cures All Cancer," which, please. What is it this time, peach pits? Isn't it time for peach pits to come back into vogue? Don't get me wrong. I'm all about the alternative therapies. I tell all my patients to dance a little and do yoga. But the way some people take advantage of desperation and sadness... anyhow.

I was going to get Kish Kash but they wanted 19 bucks for it. So I got Banco de Gaia, which is this funky world electronica guy, a 2 hour disc for my 19 bucks, and maybe someday I'll rip a track or two and hook you up. If you want. And if the FBI doesn't catch me first, mwah. Let me know.

mickeym and pierson, I am attempting the potatoes again. Pray for me.

Oh, and pierson? Lance, JC, and Chris. That's all I'm saying. But not all I'm thinking, because they are very hot for each other, those three, and it's all your fault. Darn you to heck.

*hugs* northernveil just for the hell of it.

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