silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Not at work today. Here's the story:

Well, you know, I'm trying to work this cranky, reclusive vibe I've got going on, and I get all eye-rolly with people I suspect are using up their friends for sympathy strokes ("I broke a nail" and 2059095 lj comments tell her to be strong & *petsies*, gag), but really, I suppose I could climb down for a sec to acknowledge that, well, *sniff.* Y'all are the best. That's all. Go on, get outa here.

Oh! But first, before you go: a few folks know about my poor, sad brother, I think. Last night he threatened to kill himself again. Spent the night in psych lockup. He's fine. Just needs to understand that his ex is ex, and the psychiatrist really will listen to him when life gets overwhelming, and meds can be adjusted. But I know how he feels. It doesn't occur to you to ask for help until the cops come, sometimes.

So, but anyway. I went to work and they were like, we're sorry, we should have called you, do you want to stay anyway? Maybe someone else will go home instead. I answered by bursting into tears. Not my gig, let me tell you. I'm the zen one, you know? Shit doesn't get to me too much. Well, they petted me and it really helped, then sent me on my way, so I went to breakfast and called my mom, and things really are cool, all things considered. They woulda let him out last night, if anyone could've picked him up. Crisis averted.

Just thought I'd let you know.

This is for my brother, whom I love:

Fragile, by Wire

I'ma go write now.

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