silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning, all, and how's you today?

I'm goodfine, thanks, partly because I'll be talking to a recruiter today for a job in Florida, and if she doesn't mind the less than a year's experience, then technically I could leave outa this place in two weeks. Which is a very unsettling feeling, let me tell you. But I am READY.

Grammys. Now, you know I can't not say anything, even though it's, like, days later and thus the oldest of news. But my favorite moment? Right after Joan the scary psycho lady interviews JC and moves on to her next victim victim? JC moves off, a little, and stands there looking around, and nobody talks to him. Nobody! And as he surveys the crowd, he bites his thumb, a little. Oh, JC.

I love him *this much* and always. Kind of spooky, really. He's probably a complete asshat in RL. But that's okay! I don't mind. JC, honey! I know you're a jerk and a neurotic spazz, but I still like you. Call me!

Heh. Well, someone's an asshat, anyway. Hee!
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