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1. Called our stuffiest doctor "man." To be fair, he was attempting to joke with me, which was adorable and caused the other nurses' eyes to bug out slightly. He said, "why did you give that lady a fever?" and I said, "I know, man! I did it to her yesterday, too" and he didn't know what to say. Baby steps, baby steps.

2. Made a patient cry, and felt good about it. But here's the deal: she's been with us, stuck in bed, for two months, recovering from chemo. Many neuro side effects including a flat affect and an inability and, really, unwillingness to speak much, and lately she's been talking more and getting crabby with the staff, a great sign because it means she's rejoining her life. Yesterday we got to talking about her husband and her dog and her '39 Chevy and she started to get a little teary eyed, the first time in two months, and she tried to apologize but I told her she deserved a good cry for herself and she cut loose. Poor thing. We agreed she'd come visit me when she got out so I could see her sexy walk, which made me laugh. I love it when they come back! Sickness is such a strange journey.

3. Watched tv until 1am, so naughty, and really it was crap because I've seen all the good Trading Spaceses and While You Were Outs, but I did see a cool show on gospel music and another one on rap and hiphop in the 90s. Did anyone notice that they slightly changed the BMU theme of that Clean Sweep show, or whatever it's called? Just enough so that it's not, like, identical to JC's song anymore. But the HO!s are still in there. Love the HO!s.


1. Took a metric assload of books and other assorted crap to Goodwill. It was easy, once I got started. I may even, and I should whisper this, leave my plants behind. Anybody want 45090963 mostly-alive plants? Oh, ow. Not so easy, after all.

2. Marveled over the thought of JC Chasez in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, because oh my god! There *is* no there, there. Milwaukee's bad enough, but Hales Corners? They have a Speedway, and really, there's a nice classical garden not too far away, great roses in the spring, but right now it's 24 degrees there, and my mom tells me that's kind of a heatwave, anyway. Hales Corners! Almost rural, coupla good taverns if I recall, JC can probably get a righteous fish fry if he's there on a Friday, and maybe he can drink a Sprecher or some kind of microbrew but god forbid he asks for a hypnotiq or a cosmopolitan, and the house band will undoubtedly make him cry. Unless it's Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans. Then he'll bounce around in his folding chair with glee. Paul Cebar rocks. Or I suppose he could listen to WMSE. Milwaukee School of Engineering? Best radio station in the country, bar none. I don't think they forbid their disc jockeys anything.

But anyway, JC! Milwaukee! Maybe I can get my sister to go and get some pictures for me? But, no. In fact she was a bit miffed that I got her NSA for Christmas. This might be a little bit too above and beyond. And I could never ask my brother. He plays drums for a kind of punk band. I would lose my cred with him FOREVER. Maybe my uncle who lives in Waukesha? Oops, no. He was in a punk band, too, but he played the chainsaw, a tad hardcore, and when I told him Nsync used a theremin during the Popod tour, because he constructs and sells theremins, he gave me the eye and changed the subject. So, no.

Hmm! Must ponder this.

3. Rambled in my live journal, then posted it anyway. What the hell.
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