silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Alas, the NM attorney general has put a stop to issuing same sex marriage licenses in Sandoval County, and has declared the already issued licenses invalid.

Her letter.

The interesting part of the letter, for me, is where she hints that the NM marriage laws are unconstitutional and even cites precedence. I have a feeling this is not the last we'll hear of this, in NM.

And how's y'all, today? I am fine under gray skies, heading out to shop, shop, shop, and possibly do the Goodwill donation thing yet again. I'm feeling rather buddhist these days! Give it all away. Except for the stuff I'm going to sell, of course, and of course I want to rebuy it all, and better, in Florida, and I'm not really a peaceful person in many ways, so yeah. An MTV buddhist, maybe. It sounds good!

I'd be in a quandary, if I knew how to spell it. What should I write about next? Just finishing the remix, and my mind is empty, empty, empty. Any ideas?

Last night I dreamt my dad was shot in the abdomen, and when I called 911, they tried to proselytize me to the Latter Day Saints, or somebody. In the what now? I'm this close to calling up my dad to see if he's been having, like, pains or something, lately. Silly dreams. He didn't die, with the bullet in his gut, but he got very weird and kept trying to get up to wander around the neighborhood as though he'd been shot in the brain, instead, and nobody seemed to care but me, my sister and mom kept watching tv and chatting about nothing at all. Huh.
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