silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning, everybody. Landlord's on her way over. Apparently she has to see where the plaster fell down from the leak in the ceiling herself. Because, you know. It might not have.

Sekrit speshul message for lilysaid, because it's your fault:

He ruffles the backs of his fingers through the soft hair on his friend's belly. His friend shudders. Then his friend is sliding a hand over the small of his back, under his shirt, and pulling, and he's right there suddenly, up against his friend. It's the weirdest, most exciting feeling in the world: he can feel something, he knows it's his friend's cock, and all he wants to do is to push his hips foreward and rub against it, but it's too much, too soon, so he stills against him. But he can't stop himself from pushing his face into his friend's neck to bite down, gently.

Evil woman.

Wow, what a day, yesterday. My patient passed at 0712, right during report, so I came out to start my day by doing post mortem care, with a family so rattled and distraught that they had no idea what their arrangements were for the body except that she needed to end up in Montana, and a nursing supervisor so new that instead of looking at the patient's chart for info on donor eligibility she kept asking me questions, and no, sorry, I don't know if she had blood cultures drawn 8 days ago. Can I look? Actually, no. I have to take care of her and her family and my other patients, who are getting blood and monoclonal antibodies and god knows what, and I have to get ready for my outpatient, too, and really, can't you look. Grrr.

But anyway, I'm just glad I don't work at pierson's hospital. Because I'd've gone postal, or whatever the medical version is, long ago.

And the writing? Poor Christopher. All I'm saying.

Have a lovely day. I will, too. I'm thinking thai, today. Mmm.
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