silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Just listening to The Many Moods of Sex Schizophrenic again and godDAMN. I really love Something Special. It's just so joyous. For a split second there I found myself wishing he'd release that as the next single, but then All Day Long Came on and I was lost, again. JC! Hear me, boy! All Day Long. Don't you make me come over there. Mama spank.

Remix: submitted. Now I must work on the 100 Ways. It explains some of my crankiness, y'all. Sorry about the no chat thing. I miss you, but I am not fit for human consumption, right now.

Oh! Almost forgot. Anyone want, or know anyone who wants, a copy of Schizophrenic? I ended up buying two because barnes & nobles took forever to send me mine. So now I have that copy, still in the mailer, ready to move on. Let me know.

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