silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hola, some comments:

northernveil, I am looking at your story even as we speak.

Dear Man-I-didn't-even-come-that-close-to-running-over, dammit:

I said I was sorry. At a certain point in the yelling-at-me process, that'll have to do. After that it's just you indulging your anger. So, in conclusion, get over it.



The infamous Bunny Exorcist extravaganza has reminded me of how cool my sister and brother-in-law and niece are. This is what my niece picked out for me at Disney Land. And they let her! Encouraged her, even, if I know them. Heh. My question: how, how, did this get past the wholesome-family-disney-censors? Or am I reading too much into a simple salt and pepper set? That could be.

I have no idea if I'll manage a JuC story for today. But here's a little start of something that may or may not have more to follow, if I get my act together:

"Justin, what on earth."

Setting his keys on the glass table by the door, JC looks around his living room. The place is filled with plants. Every flat spot, every table, every shelf, overflowing with greenery. It’s beautiful.

"You need some life around you, C." Justin looks very pleased with himself. He’s glowing, practically bouncing on his toes. He smiles at JC like a happy kid.

"I have life. I have everybody! I also have a tour, Justin. Who’s gonna take care of all this?" JC feels that familiar frustration. Justin tries to run right over him every time. He finds himself reaching out to pet a lacy fern frond. Gorgeous.

"One of the everybodies. Give them something to do." Justin pulls off his cap and tosses it on the table with JC’s keys. "I’m calling for food, man. What do you want?"

"Salmon," JC says absently, running his fingers over a velvety leaf. Is that an african violet? Justin snorts.

"On a salmon kick lately, aren’t you?" he says. JC sneers at him and goes to unpack. The bedroom is filled with vines. JC smiles reluctantly.

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