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Day-um I'm tired

So just a quick one. Had a great day, pretty busy, transfused blood and platelets and hung antibiotics and yadda et cetera. It went pretty well. A tired little yay.

The bunnies, they will not leave me be. Too many ideas! How do I choose? I really want to write something disgustingly pornographic, but that would be based on memory & theory at this point. And, who, who to write about? Well, Chris & JC, of course. Ok. That was easy. But, what! How, where, when! Sigh.

Also, I really like the idea of having fantastical elements in the story, like magical realism-y stuff, like their normal lives but things get weird. Love that.

Sooo... I guess my main question is, if it's so much damn fun to write, why is it so easy not to?

Tags: oncology, writing
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