silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

All right. Here's my plan.

Out of this place by the end of April. Drive to Milwaukee. Spend some time with my family. *hugs family en masse*

On a plane May 11th. Meet charlidos in New York to rock JC's world at the Roseland. (Or, you know, wherever in town he wants. I can be flexible if necessary.) Fly back to Milwaukee.

Drive down to Kentucky. Make mickeym, lilysaid, and tallories amuse me for a few days.

Drive to Tallahassee, prepared to freak at how old my dad looks (haven't seen him in over ten years).

Drive on down to... Somewhere, Florida, pop. plus-one. Because, you know, the traveling service wants me to have two more months, but I bet even with one, I'll be able to get a nursing job anywhere I want.

What do you think? Sound workable?

p.s. have reread remix of Milagro and like it EVEN MORE. *mwah*

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