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No sleep at all last night, which is not like me these days. So I'm in a pleasant kind of zone, fixing to meet up with a friend to go tv shopping. Yay, tv shopping!

In the middle of my fourth week of orientation to Oncology. I love it. Funny, ever since I decided to go to nursing school, everything in my life has fallen into place. Now, here on this unit, I feel I'm home, doing what I'm meant to. It's nice, if a little freaky, because being me my first response is always 'okay, what's gonna go wrong now?' Really I'm one of those annoying optimists, but enough shit has rained down on me in my life to believe in being prepared. Sometimes I like (if that's the word I want) to think of myself as a schizophrenic, rehearsing all possible scenarios to make sure I can handle them. Or at least being mindful and careful of what goes on in my life, although that zen stuff is kind of less interesting a metaphor than schizophrenia, I admit.

Speaking of!!! (Here we squee.) My JC love is *this big* and dagnabit! I have to wait 'til the third week of October for his album? Grumble. All I can is, they better release some video of the Jive showcase he just did last week.

I canNOT wait to see what he does with ADIDAS. I played the clip like 90 times the other day (hee) just grooving on the lovely 80s Gary Numan feel to it.

Dear JC: when you tour, could you come WITHIN a parsec of Albuquerque, please? Thanks, babe.
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