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Dear brain,

It is not helpful when you set the alarm clock on OUR DAYS OFF. 5 am is straight from hell. Try to work with me here, okay?

a roll of the eyes,


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Wrote my landlord a note that I'd be leaving a month early from my lease, but 1) I always paid my rent early, sometimes by as much as 10-15 days, and 2) I was giving her 45 days notice, and 3) I am leaving two weeks early anyway, and 4) jeez louise, be a mensch, for god's sake. Her reply? "You are still obligated to pay rent for that month, even though you paid first and last. If I rent the place early I will return blah blah standardfishcakes."

So I wrote her another note that basically says 1) perhaps I didn't make myself clear, and 2) nice try, and 3) how about you just keep the washer and dryer as a nice parting gift?

I anticipate some stern!blather, but eh. I just don't care! She can sue away, if it's worthwhile to her. And, may I say, I hope the hassle factor is fully outweighed by her satisfaction at being Right In The Eyes of the Law. Amen.

** ** ** ** **

There are pictures of JC and Carlos in London? I can't find them. Is he adorable? Wait, I think I may know the answer to that one.

** ** ** ** **

Would just like to point out that sperrywink is an intensely cool chick. Thanks for the tickets! And I've received my tickets in the mail, so they will move on to their rightful owners as soon as I can get to the post office.

** ** ** ** **

Little dividing lines! So regimented! Perhaps I'm the stern!blather today. Hear that, JC and Christopher? Dammit.

** ** ** ** **

I must go get my hair cut, now. Sternly.

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