silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I think what I have to say today can best be summed up by "*eee*," but I'll break it down:

1. Chris, I love you. But I especially love your foul mouth. Truly, "fuck" is a versatile word. So punchy. It just sums everything up.

2. Dear JC:

More yoga martial arts naughty positions, please. V.v. inspirational.


a music lover

3. For the medical geeks:

Undigested proteins contain a chemical called indoxyl sulfate. In the presence of certain bacteria (Klebsiella, P. stuartii) and in very rare circumstances, indoxyl can leave the urinary bags of elderly catheterized patients a bright, vibrant purple. This is known, appropriately enough, as PUBS or the purple urinary bag syndrome. It can indicate decreased bowel function and is seen in Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, for example, or (as in the case of my patient last week) colon cancer.

I spent a lot """" of my down time on Saturday researching this. I love this geeky science stuff. And Saturday... weird. All the meds were stocked, none of the diabetics needed coverage, the patients were ambulatory and oriented, and everything ticked along like clockwork. I kept waiting for the roof to cave in. oh! no, that's my apartment. heh. it rained for two days inside and outside, at my house

4. Happy Birthday to me! *hugs self* 42 is going to be a great year, I can tell already.

5. On the other hand, off to the dentist. hee

6. Good morning! *hugs y'all, too*
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