silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,


Well, got the filling done and now my tongue has a brand new silly putty surface to push against. Silly tongue! You better not push that filling right out of there. That's eighty-five bucks worth of silly putty, thanks, and my stern but professional dentist will frown if she has to replace it the first week. But what the hell, she's adorable and four foot nine, so do whatever you want, my tongue.

Wow! She numbed me up so well that my head felt like it was miles above my body for hours, connected by a thread of drool. I tried to drink some water and ended up blehhing all down my far distant shirt. Which made me laugh, which made me look like I was sneering evilly. Good job, adorable stern dentist! I like it.


Sold the bed, tv, and dresser today. Luckily, they haven't taken away the tv yet. God! What am I going to do without my daily dose of HGTV? I'm scared. Landscaper's Challenge is essential.

Barely remembered to hide the gay porn printouts and diminish the Word file of my 100 Ways story before the first set of buyers wandered through. Also, note to self: in the future, consider an *opaque* plastic container for all the, um, toys. Just a thought.

hee. oh, well

Made myself a little nest of blankets on the floor. Man, I just really hope nobody decides to join me, seeing as they're likely to have really a lot of legs, if you know what I'm saying. My next home is going to be an isolation bubble. Except wasn't there a Night Gallery once, an old man who hated cockroaches, and he hermetically sealed himself into a fallout shelter or something and the roaches frickin' came out of the walls to eat him? Gick. That better not be me. I'll be pissed.


Apologies to my flist for the profanity, but I FUCKING CAN'T WAIT. Ahem.

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