silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

My wonderful Y'all:

The laptop has decided to follow my example and throw all the rules in the air, so the screen is an ever-changing gorgeous semi-plaid. Unfortunately, the digital monitor feels a bit snobbish about being hooked to an analog output laptop, and while there is no plaid, still, my screen shows everything like it's a psychedelic japanese cartoon. So I'm kind of tripping right now and who knows whether I'll be able to update during this journey, like I'd planned.

Which starts tomorrow! Zoicks. To everyone I haven't responded to, in email or on one of my many journals, my apologies. But I'ma have to freak out for awhile, tonight, and then repack the packed car, because dammit, the furry boots will go. Even though it's to Florida. They are just that cool. Plus, I think they are my chosen psycho focus, the one thing of all my things that I will not toss, simply BECAUSE. I mean, my god. I've condensed 10 years of skilled pack-rattery into a '94 Sentra. The boots go.

So, yeah! Have fun, talk to you Friday or Saturday. Unless, of course, that crazed trucker actually does kidnap me from a 7-11 in Oklahoma. Then it might take longer.
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