silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Y'all, Wisconsin is cold. I am bitter.

But my family is wonderful and the Civil War reenactment we went to today was quite cool, truthfully, and oh, yeah. I'm here!

Long drive, but enjoyable. I entertained myself the whole way by telling jokes and talking shit about all the other drivers, and the ratty little gas stations, and the cows. Had no trouble whatsoever except for the one night in Bloomington where I thought I was turning left into a McDonald's after ten hours of driving and ended up heading down the highway in the rain, back toward St Louis. That did kind of suck. But I howled like a banshee all the way to the closest exit and all the way back, and when I finally got back to the motel, an hour later from the McDonald's across the street, the look of slight confusion on the desk clerk's face made me laugh all over again, so I guess it was worth it.

Yeah, that was my trauma! Not so bad.

spasticat, I will email you tomorrow when I figure out the Amtrak situation on Friday. Friday! *eeps with hysterical joy*

mickeym, I will also call you tomorrow, as today I am cold and bitter and fixin' to go out to dinner with my mom and sister and niece.

charlidos, probably it would be best for me to come and rescue you from customs in Newark? They may not understand your unique personal "style" and maybe I can talk them down and keep you out of jail. Anything to help, you know, darling. I'll email you my cell number, too...

Hey! Wasn't that 100 Ways thing a piece of cake? Best challenge evah!

*ducks* Mwahahahaha!
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