silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

My story for the 100 Ways Challenge:


Yes, it's part four of the Twisting the Rope series, TrickC, and D/s. No, I wasn't cheating, shut up! JC and Christopher wanted this story. They told me. They love to kiss.

I'm frustrated. For so many, many reasons, heh, but in this particular instance it's because I have no time or chance to read any of the 100 Ways stories. This is hell! Dial-up is hell! Especially dial-up on someone else's phone, so that I'm sneaking in my computer time and feeling guilty about it.

Anyhow, there will be feedback to come, after I actually get a chance to read. Good thing I'm all about the delayed gratification, no? *sobs wildly*

Dear JC:

See you tomorrow, baby.



Oh! Forgot to mention. That oncology nursing position in Winter Park, Florida? Well, they wanted someone for May 3 and someone else'd already applied. So I kind of regretfully wrote that one off. But then yesterday I spoke to my recruiter again, and the position start date has been moved to June 7, and the other candidate? Gone. The hospital's going to call me for an interview Friday! Probably while I'm in line at the HOB, talking loudly with spasticat about A Boy's Love For Cock. Hee! Can't wait.

I'm serious, though. This is not me planning a career in stalking. This is actually the only legit position they've found for me in oncology that pays a decent wage. It's meant to be. Meant to be, dammit, and no, the tinfoil in my hair does not itch, why do you ask?

Gotta run. The walls are melting, the little people singing in my ear, and dial-up. Meh.

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