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Well, hi! Long time, y'all. Finally got a few minutes free and official permission to tie up the phone lines for an hour or two. This is prehistoric internet! How do they manage? :)

Despite what Alexis's father told me, have decided that Toronto is a go and so am I. So I bought a ticket and will most likely fly into Pittsburgh and ride to the venue with withdiamonds. Then, ya know, Buffalo's right there and who could resist a town with the name of Fishkill, NY? Not me. So it looks like I'll be feeding my obsession with the Chasez a little bit more. What the hell. It's not like I won't be getting a job eventually, anyway. Eventually. Hee!

The Alexis's father thing:

What fun! I've never networked a single soul in my life.

Decided at the last minute to head for the balcony at the Troc, because sometimes it's fun to actually see the show. Got to chatting with this really nicely dressed man who proceeded to show me a picture of him and Alexis and JC. Dad! He was adorable, filled with prideful squee over the success of his daughter, and he couldn't stop saying "hee" as he told me that he'd gotten to see the bus and meet JC and did I know JC had gone shopping at the Galleria in Philly that very afternoon, wearing only a ball cap for disguise? No, dammit, I did not, and guess who else was there, shopping at Galleria, completely oblivious? That's right. Son of a bitch. But anyway. :)

He was mystified and pleased over the fact that we all followed JC around, and said "hee" a few more times when I told him that our group included a nurse, a statistical analyst, and a couple of lawyers, not your stereotypical deadhead deadbeats. He and his wife have some reservations over the racy nature of the show. And he's been a fan of the music "since 2004," which made me laugh.

Anyway, yeah, he was mighty pleased with himself to be able to offer up his comp tickets for the AC show the next night. And I was mighty pleased to get them, because I'm such a newbie to this world that being able to ask for the Guest List at the Xanadu box office was a real charge. Dude! They called me "Mrs. [his name]." And gave me second row seats.

Whee! I had the nicest older couple sitting in front of me or else I'da been grabbing JC as much as was appropriate. But I really didn't want to armpit this poor nice lady who had her hair done up for a mile, and at one point I jostled her a bit and leaned over to pat her on the shoulder and apologize profusely, and when I looked up JC was smiling at me and shaking his head. Hee! I felt like the biggest, giantest tool, but what the hell. Having him sing the "our goals are both the same" line from 100 Ways right to me MORE THAN MADE UP for lost grabbage, let me tell you.

sperrywink and charlidos made a cool sign for Alexis, a kitchen curtain with "Alexis we heart you" on it, very nice, and when Roseiro and Jamal auctioned off the hos in One Night Stand we flashed it at her. She said "Oh, thank you!" and looked completely shocked, the other dancers laughing, but she sure shook her thang on our side of the stage after that. We hauled it out again for Right There and she actually crashed right into Jamal, which made me feel a touch bad, but he just laughed and lifted her up into a big bear hug, and that totally fit the friendly hey-there feel of the start of the song.

And lo, it was good. I hope Dad gets the message. :)

Still haven't read any of the 100 Ways stories, except one, and I've managed about 2/3 of Snow but I had to stop to let my heart heal. Plus, the nice man on the airplane seemed much distressed by my tears. Poor JC. He just wants to make people happy, doesn't he? But they can't be. Amber, it's absolutely beautiful and merciless. But I'll have better feedback when I'm brave enough to finish the story.

So, yeah. What's new?
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