silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, like, do y'all think it's vital for me to get CFTC tickets today? I ask because they don't have electronic ticketing, and I don't really want to have the tickets mailed to my mom or sister and then onward to me. Especially since there's no actual "onward to me" address yet. Being homeless and all.

Or would some kind person pick me up a two day pass or tickets to both the thingies? I'm good for it, man. I could paypal you, like, instantaneously. Gotta feed the obsession!

Speaking of which, is it too much to ask that I might dream about the Chasez once in awhile? Instead, I get a dream in which I'm wearing sweet potato-colored corduroy pants. Yeah, I'm not sure either. It was scary.
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