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Winter Park wants two years oncology experience, so that's a no go. S'alright. I'm thinking it might be best not to go with a traveling service anyway. I thought it might be cool because of $$ and the apartment, but if I get, like, a real job then I get to actually orient to the place and settle in. I don't know.

So, yeah, peppering the state of Florida with resumes. My dream hospital, Sarasota Memorial, answered me with an offer instantaneously. Yay! However, they want me to work nights. Boo. I considered it for a split second. But, no. If I were a young buck in the prime of my prime, maybe. But I am old and crabby, and must be in bed by 9 pm EVERY NIGHT. Bah, humbug.

Emailed them back that I want days. Eh, what the hell. Can't hurt to try.


Dear Lance:

ahahahhahahahahahah! you go, party boy. fuck 'em all, I say, your nose looks fabulous.


ps. it takes weeks and weeks and weeks to recover from reconstructive surgery. would you take that much time away from jessie and the media circuit? of course not, darling. and yeah, beach and sun would be RIGHT OUT. are you out there in celebrity land, laughing at us all? you fucker. *mwah*

Also Fandom:

Carson Daly is a big giant loser. JC saying that a reality show about him on tour would be boring, because he's all about work? And Carson answers, with no discernible irony, yeah, no one wants to see that. Fucker. I say that not in the Lance-way, i.e., with great affection. Fucker.


It could be that I'm crabby. It hasn't stopped raining here in days and days. I know I said I was moving from New Mexico because I wanted water, but this is ridiculous! Bah, humbug.

mickeym! I will call you if it's raining like a sumbitch here tomorrow or they close the interstate like they did yesterday or the entire state of Wisconsin disappears into a sinkhole. It could happen. I might be there Wednesday instead, if that's the case. :)

Catch you later, kids. I'm gonna go jump in my mental porn-stream. That'll cheer me right up.

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