silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Flist skip=900. Not even kidding. Pretty soon I'm not gonna deserve the F in my flist, because I've had to watch so many interesting posts go by, tonight, without commenting. And those folks who've been commenting, and who deserve emails, etc? Just know that I love you and all that, and I can't wait to stop the bus and get off. Soon.

So tired. But by tomorrow I'll be ready to describe the strange trip that was Fishkill, NY, without crying or giggling or both, at once. Fishkill! Why didn't I know? With a name like that. No aqui, aqui. That's one of the t-shirts withdiamonds and Ashley and I are gonna design. But, yes. Tomorrow.

JC: what more do I need to say? Oh, yes. I miss you.

ps. don't I get to stalk anyone? sticklebrook gets to stalk and I don't? Man.

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