silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yeah, you know, sometimes people on my flist annoy the living shit out of me, but that doesn't mean they suck. It means I'm not dealing with stress very well or I've lost my sense of humor or I'm failing at my life-long attempts to grow up. Unfortunately, we seem to have a cultural value that confrontational bitchiness is cool and edgy and honest. Well, it's not. And honesty isn't automatically valuable. In the case of all this lj nonsense lately, it's just mean-spirited and immature. Remember when you were five and got grounded for saying "Mrs. Wilson's butt isn't that big, mom" in front of the neighbors? Yeah.

Okay, yes, I did consider my own nasty anonymous post. It was fucking funny, y'all. Growing up sucks.

Sararsota is gorgeous, and I drove about a bit basking in the heat, but it took me, like, two hours to recover from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. withdiamonds! You'd have had a stroke. And I have to go back on it tomorrow, because when I mapquested directions to my new job in Sarasota, it turns out that my new job is in St Petersburg. Hee! Good to know. But it's cool. I like St Pete even better than Sarasota.

It's not that I don't want to write about Fishkill, you know. It's just that the story is dauntingly long and frightening, and I'm going to have to say lots of really mean, albeit funny, things about lots of Fishkillians. So we'll leave it for another day. Plus, I still haven't finished Descent. One must have priorities, you know.

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