silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

You've all been so patient. But Fishkill is worth it.

First, though, I have a thing or two to add to withdiamonds's Buffalo post:

1. JC was having so much fun, being such a silly-head, that at one point he stepped on Molly as she lay on the stage. Not really, of course! But when she got up she had a footprint on her stomach, which she showed us with the biggest pout of dismay. Adorable!

2. After the show, Errol and Dave hung out at the bar. I got to tell Errol how much I had enjoyed myself, which I believe I expressed as "THAT FUCKING ROCKED, MAN," and he laughed and patted me on the arm.

3. They sent Molly to the bar to carry two cases of bottled water back to the buses. Bwah!

4. sperrywink! JC's bus was already gone by the time I pussied out on walking around back there. So there! :)

And now, without further ado (whatever that means), Fishkill.

Keep in mind that by this point, Donna and Ashley and I had been driving lost for days, completely cracked out on the whole JC thang. Donna and I talked about every single aspect of sparkly fandom, twice. Ash read Descent in the back seat. Y'all, there was a vibe. We didn't know what to expect, but we knew we had to trust JC. Then we hit the exit to Fishkill.

People, Fishkill cannot be said to exist, in the sense that there is, in fact, any there there. We drove for hours. The signs all said "right HERE, you morons," but all we could find were dentist offices and lots and lots of nature. It was freaky. We couldn't help but wonder, where are all the Fishkillers, and what the hell's wrong with their teeth?

Luckily, though, we found a hotel. Ahahahahahahahaha! Oh, god.

We asked about internet access, because someone who shall go nameless had no clue about the venue or its location. Ahem. The manager told us that there was no internet service out there, that internet was, like, a long distance call to Pookeepsie. Hee! Is that how you spell that? I hope so. Anyway, as we started to lug our bags upstairs, he called over to us, "do you want the phone turned on?"


Why didn't we know, right then? Why?

So, yeah, it was about the shittiest hotel room ever, and we left to find the venue as soon as possible, after Ash called home to civilization to have Dad look up the vital info. And we drove and drove and drove and drove and drove.

And turned the corner on rte 9 and found Denny's and the Hamilton Inn and Walmart and a movie theater and people. It was beautiful. We had dinner and saw Harry Potter and very seriously thought about eating the Royal Inn $$. But then we went back, in a fit of economy.

Woke up at 7 am, to the sounds of firecrackers in the parking lot. May have been gunfire, though. Woke up again at 8 am, to the sounds of about 498709 chijuajuas in the next room, barking, and at least as many humans all shouting at them to "SHUT UP, DAMMIT, SHUT. UP!!!"

Did I mention it was prom night in Fishkill? Yes. Somehow that sums it up, for me.

Got to the venue around 1 pm, wondering if it was going to be us three and JC. He would have still rocked the show, you know this! But I might've been a little self conscious. Luckily, though, there were about a million people at the world-famous Duchess Stadium. Yay!

Hee! I suck, I know. But, my hands are cramping up. To be continued....
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