silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear JC:

2001 9th St N Apt 3
St Petersburg, FL 33704

That's me now, babe. Stop by anytime. You can have the futon.



I've been reading for hours, but I'm still at skip=0958604957637986. Must go to Target now. Not sure what I was thinking: sold and/ or gave away all my stuff, but now I find I need... stuff. St Petersburg is home already and I live, like, 3 blocks from a little lake and 5 blocks from everything else, in a little apartment that contains, at this moment, a tv and my computer. So yeah, gotta run and buy, like, a lamp or something. Oh, yes! And a futon. For guests. ;)

I doubt I'll be answering all the email, etc. I got in the last week or so. Too much going on! Work starts tomorrow, bleh. So:

paperdollkisses! I'm up on 6N, days. You're in the ICU? Dude! This is too fucking cool. Look me up, man. I'll be the new looking chick with the hunted look on her face. I mean, no medication scanners? What is this, the frontier? Heh. Bring on the leeches, yo.

withdiamonds! I miss you. Want Challenge now.

lilysaid! When's the due date on the crossdressing thing? Because yes. Hey! I thought of you at Target yesterday. :)

To everyone else on my flist, what's up? What's going on? Hate, angst, envy, pride, lust... what's the dirt? I suppose everyone's talking about Brit's tour being canceled. Poor JC! CANNOT get a break. But I say, trust him. He'll turn it around.

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