silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hey, JC's new "fanclub" took my 52 smackers without so much as a peep. I'm pissed! And I can only be appeased by JC himself. When the silver Mercedes pulls up outside my new place: then, perhaps, my wrath will fade.

Come on, JC! We can watch digital cable and call for a pizza. You can help me with the plot of my crossdressing story. Or the next JC/Christopher, you can act it out for me! Yes, that would make me feel a little better, I bet.

Came this close to buying a swimming suit yesterday. It's not a modesty thing. I used to climb in the hot springs by Taos all nakey with strangers all the time. And when my nursing instructor offered to demonstrate a full physical exam, because we were going to have to perform one ourselves to graduate, who volunteered to get all nakey in front of the whole class and be videotaped? Boom chikka, baby. That's right.

She even did a breast exam. Bwah! The male student in our class, I thought he was going to blow a gasket. Never knew people could turn that shade of red.

But, yeah. I don't know. Swimming suit. *shivers* Takes me right back to when I was just a scared little mouse in the world, maybe. But that doesn't work either, really, because even then I was a defiantly scared mouse. Like, I didn't shave at all for the entire decade of the 80s because, you know, you were supposed to. Hairy pits and legs, that'll show 'em, dammit. ew

Maybe I'll just have to go to the beach naked. A warning to all of you Challenge-goers, I guess.

Off to write, now. I was thinking JuC, until Chris made a loud noise of disgust and opened the fridge. I have a feeling he'll be here for awhile.

chris! help yourself to some nice smoked mullet.
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