silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning. *yawns*

A little sore today. May have overdone it on the leg lifts and such.

What's this I hear about vip videos on JC's site that we can't access 'til JC himself drives up in his silver Mercedes with the log-in info? *curses weakly* You're testing me, boy. I swear to god, JC, I swear to god.

Oh. I never tossed this up on my site back in the day, and I thought I'd lost it in my recent exodus, but here's my remix of Jain's Better Than Fine.

Better Than Fine (it's all good hot tea and afghan wig remix)

Whoo! I was going to be so sad if I'd lost this. The only copy was on my computer, wrapped in a blanket and tucked in the back seat of my car for 5000 miles. What if I had crashed my car? That would have been the worst part, losing a story like that. Scary to even contemplate.

Thanks from long ago to all the usual suspects: northernveil, mickeym, and lilysaid. Thanks also to charlidos for the cracked out plotting, and foxmonkey for setting me on a better track.

And now I think I'll do my usual say-I'm-writing-but-really-just-endlessly-reload-my-friend's-list-and-fuck-around-some thing. Adios, y'all!

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