silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

98 %-er, here. I spent most of the 80s stoned. And some of the 90s, but not much, because it finally occurred to me that it kinda didn't work to smoke dope and then do yoga, which is all about body purification and breathing. Plus, I moved to 7,000 ft and needed all the oxygen I could get. One night in Taos I smoked up and got into a really hot shower --and came as near to passing out as I ever have in my life. My world got very close and dark, but the floor was miles away. Said to myself, self, this is just plain butt-ass stupid. Luckily I listened for once. Haven't looked back in ten years.

That's my story, but not all of my story. :)

Is it my correct understanding that there is no JC radio show in Orlando on July 3rd? Is that what I'm hearing?

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