silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

JC! Signing extra pictures for me the fan club! Good job, JC. I take it all back.

Today I was supposed to find a window motor for my Nissan and mail my Geico forms and break my contacts in for a few hours, but instead when I got home I answered comments in my lj. Nice discussion, y'all! We can't do the lit crit thing, here in popslash, but we're aces at talking about the talking about of writing! Excellent. I'll take it.

xoverau and rhyssj had an interesting thread going on, which I pretty much left alone because my hands were paralyzed by then, but it made me think. Let me hear you, y'all: do you use betas? How, and why? I'm nosy like that.

I love and fear my betas, and don't want to do it without them. Some of them do close reading and we argue over every word for 394857 hours and they know who they are. Others are killer at the plotting part, the conceptual stuff, just kicking the ideas around and talking it all out. I love that.

If you'd told me I'd ever value the opinion of another person during my writing process before I got into popslash, I'd have mocked you thoroughly.
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