silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Happy 4th of July, everybody! Try not to blow anything up today. I was gonna say, try not to let anything explode in your face, but where's the fun in that? Or maybe it should be: Americans, go blow up your back yard. Everyone else in the world, go do the other thing. Bwah! not for the first time I wish I really were irish

I am going to my aunt and uncle's house up in Hudson, which is a part of the endless small town that is the Gulf Coast of Florida. They've been calling me every day, saying things like stay, stay over night! when they know I only live 45 minutes away, just beside themselves with delight that I'm coming. It's cute. I'm glad to be in contact with them again and my other relatives who live in Florida, because it used to be the Fannings got together at every possible opportunity, all 3987598 of them, but then gramma died and we kind of fell apart. Today will be nice, family and a pool and food, and I'll get sunburned and listen to everyone tell jokes like they do, and then I'll come home tonight and reread From the Path because it's amazing and I've only read it three times.

Tomorrow I'll open a Word file and stare at it. I did that Friday, too, and ended up taking my car to a salvage yard and having them install window motors in two of my doors. I can now go through tolls and drive-throughs! That ability seemed vital, Friday, in the face of that empty file.

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