silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear ticketmaster:

Quit sucking. I ordered those vip party tickets two weeks ago. Getting down to the wire, aren't we? You fuckers.


Gakked from Moby's satellite feed:

Apparently, Bush's folks had the bright idea to put a "sloganator" on their website, with which you could generate your own campaign slogans. Unfortunately, some Democrats got hold of it and created some slogans of their own. Here are the results, saved before the sloganator was quickly removed:

Bush/Cheney, dem-style

Also, I heard a version of this on the radio and thought, of course, of nsync. When do I not? But here's the Lion Sleeps Tonight, done by the Mahotella Queens, and I dedicate it to mickeym, the queen of this song:


Finally, can I just tell you. I miss JC.

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