silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

"Goddamnit, Chasez, Abba?" Chris glares, holding his player by finger and thumb as though it's contaminated.

"It's a good song," JC says, blandly.

"Shah," Chris says, scornfully. "You can download whatever crap you want onto your own ipod."

"That is my ipod," JC says. Chris looks down.

"Then what did you do with mine?" he says. JC just looks at him. Chris threw his ipod out of the window of the bus somewhere in Montana, claiming demon possession....


what. tryin' to write over here.

that SUCKS, though.

but. only a little. right?


I said, right?



So, tonight I watched Faking the Video.

Only for you, JC. I hate these kind of shows. Watched the Monica ep before, hate how they humiliated that poor chick by making her think Monica was her new best bud. So mean.

But JC, he can't be mean, can he? Talking about turning up the heat over his jeans, he's all "what'd she do to my fuckin' jeans" and she just sort of shrugged. Bwah! But it was totally cute when he was playing ping pong with that other kid. That kid had the right idea. Getting yelled at for holding up the shoot, and he says "I don't care. I played ping-pong with JC Chasez." Hee! Yes.

JC, honey. I couldn't fit in those jeans, and I have no ass. Please, I beg you, eat a sandwich.

who am I kidding. love the skinny boy thing, love</cut>

I did start the cross-dressing story, though.
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