silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First, and least important:

Registered my car for the state of Florida. 180 smackers. Fuckin' pirates! I should have just let it lapse, like I did when I was a hippy: no insurance, no nothing. Boy, those were the days.

That doesn't even include the driver's license! The camera was broken. (Shut up. I didn't do it.) I'm thinking that one can wait a while.

Second, finally got the vip party tickets in the mail. I take back everything I said, JC. You know I love you. Right?

Third, most important, and saddest:

Some of you know that my uncle was diagnosed with esophageal cancer just last month. Poor man, he passed on Sunday. Sometimes it's just so fast... I'll be heading out to Milwaukee, tomorrow or Thursday, soon as I find out the plans. My job can take a jump, you know? Dad's going out there, too, and I want to stick by him, kind of, because it'll be the first time in about ten years that he's seen my sister and brother. I don't even think he realizes how much my brother hates him, and my sister's nervous about it all, and yeah. If I can help.

Not wishing to be a bummer for my flist. Maybe I should make you laugh with a picture of my pale, pale legs? Or, hmm. Maybe not. :)

Oh, I know! Here's my niece and her new dog:

Maya and Smooch 1

Maya and Smooch 2
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