silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Good thing I'm a millionaire like JC, what with all the cash I've funneled his way this year. Yowza. I even broke out a credit card today that I swore on god's name I would never use again. Sorry, god. It's a really cute jacket.

But I believe the shopping's done! I have outfits (that match! hee) for all three parties, and some backup clothes and a swimming suit, and shoes and fun jewelry. Dudes! I'll be working overtime 'til the day I'm dead. But it's so worth it. Challenge! *eee*

That's enough of that for now, though, that *eee*ing. I still have tons to do to get ready and I have to work 7a - 7p on Wednesday, before I take off driving Thursday. So I gotta modulate, yeah. For now.

The tanning is going okay. I'm a nice shade of brown, except for my feet. My feet are piebald and freaky, like I have a disease. It's cool.

Gotta go paint acrylic goo on my bed, now. First I'll watch In A Fix, though, and write. So organized!

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