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Wherein I go on. And on.

Hey, all.

Remember Little Green Men, that xfiles episode where Mulder goes to Arricibo to hunt his aliens? And he's in the machine shack with Jorge, about to face Them for the first time since Samantha disappeared, the culmination of all his hopes and dreams and obssessions, about to see an actual alien? He's absolutely terrified. Pulls out his gun and tries to shoot into the great white light shining through the door, his immediate subconscious reflex, a perfect Mulder-character defining moment, I think. Love that ep so much.

So, yeah, thought about that ep a lot """"""" this weekend. Don't mean to sound so melancholy, btw. I think it's post-event letdown, as withdiamonds would say. Which sounds like something involving breastfeeding or something, but, um.

Those nsync boys scared the living shit out of me. I was almost glad I didn't encounter any of them, except in the way that I was not glad at all, and next year, by god, I'm getting the platinum package so I can crash into JC by accident and spill his drink and try to wipe him off with a napkin, apologizing wildly until Lonnie whisks him up in his arms and carries him away. Yeah. Next year.

(This ramble brought to you by the moment JC walked by me at Nikki Beach and looked at me and I had a stroke. But mainly by the time I found myself following some folks into VIP and the VIP-monkeys were about to let me in until I said "Eep!" and veered off back into my comfort zone, i.e., wherever JC is not. Hee!)

But, would you like to hear about CFTC?

Uneventful drive to Miami Beach, and the valet guy eyed my Nissan and was really, really nice. Found withdiamonds looking for me in the lobby, luckily, because they hide the elevators at the Roney Palace Resort. Although in retrospect, maybe we should be happy they had elevators at all. It was a very, very strange resort. That's all I'm saying about that, but I sure could go on.

Had a great dinner at Jerry's Deli with withdiamonds and her daughters, who are the coolest chicks and who must get livejournals. (Don't think I don't see you out there, Ashley.) Introduced myself to a few of the livejournal folks there. Realized I had defriended many of them. Hmm. Awkward. Such is the fallout from pms.

Saw Lance getting on an elevator. Y'all, he is a little guy. And very, very beautiful, and totally game to do all the photos and autographs, everything the folks who lived by the elevators for the weekend asked of him. He grabbed them for the pictures, and I know it makes the process go a lot faster, but it also really gives him the appearance of being the friendliest guy in the world. Which he is, anyway, it seems.

Spent much of Friday by the pool, luckily, since I had no idea they were going to have the press conference thingy there. A few observations: Jesse is also gorgeous, and he managed to sneak seven pretty girls and one pretty boy into the roped off part of the pool. Justin slouched in, and I saw him right away, but I totally missed the slight man in front of him, who turned out to be JC. Chris got the wildest applause and shouting when he showed up. He was the only one who was cheered, in fact, and I think my heart exploded right about then.

I succumbed to the dark side and stayed by the elevators for awhile as Erin and Ashley and Donna got ready for the Mansion. Glad I did, too: I got to watch Chris come through with his giant margarita glass, talking shit a mile a minute as his babysitter handler hovered nervously and kept saying, "do you want me to hold that, Chris?" He kept saying, "Naw, I got it" and waving it around, and every time she'd try to herd him in one direction, he'd dart off in another, impossible. I thought she was gonna tear her hair out. He gave his scavenger hunt team pep talk ("Let's get out there and find all this shit") and called one entourage boy a baby because he was only 31. Someone asked him what time it was and he said, "Who knows! I'm too wasted!" which I believe proved to be a theme for him the whole weekend.

He was delicious. It's a darn good thing I was terrified, I tell you. I wanted to jump on his back so bad.

Also saw Lonnie leading a group of entouragers, including Gina and Carlos and Jesse. Lonnie: "let me get a picture of you all now, so I can remember you sober." They all giggled. Oh, Lonnie. My heart.

The Mansion was loud, uncomfortable, and not much fun. Donna was brave and finally just sat down on one of the reserved couches, so we relaxed for awhile, at least, until staff made us get up again. I watched JC up on the balcony, playing with his phone. At one point I looked up just as he looked down, and I got the perfect JC silhouette: arms, the jawline, the brim of his ballcap. Lord. But we left before he came out of VIP, and it was too bad dj ls can only play music at an 11, because I really wanted to talk to spasticat and xica_s, who is the best dancer in the world, and amesville and anamchara and edie22. Ah, well.

Had breakfast the next morning with many cool people and canalbaby. (Wait, that didn't come out right.) Went to Skills and fried like a donut, but it was worth it because I could see right into the VIP tent and spent the 3947097 hours before the thing started watching Lance be a butterfly and JC adjust his bandanna. Really, I don't need to describe Skills, do I? You've heard it all before and my story could be summed up as JC. Wearing his surf jams. Putting on a second shirt to go in the pool, the bastard. Flinging his wet hair around. Balancing on the edge of the pool. Etc., etc.

It was all about the trickC, though, I'll say that much. Chris and JC did not get more than four feet from each other the whole afternoon. At one point, Chris was standing near the Daze end of the pool with JC next to him. Then he zoomed off. JC stood there for a minute, looked around, bit his finger... and zoomed off after him. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. It was even cuter than Briahna, that cute. Chris sitting on the pool ladder, JC standing on the ladder behind him... mmm. Just give me a minute.

Nikki Beach was fun, despite my desire to shoot the little green men, and JC is fucking beautiful but it's Lonnie I love. He literally picked JC up at one point, actually lifted him up to put him back into VIP, and you got to know there will be no cat-herding for Lonnie. withdiamonds made him giggle on Sunday, y'all. Ask her about it. She also outbid Lance on a cool necklace, but unfortunately her bid sheet didn't have Lance's phone number on it. Rats.

Hung out with hammerhead22 and alittleblue and canalbaby and rhyssj, and had an interesting and informative stroll back to the hotel at 2 am, because it appears Miami Beach does not really come alive until the middle of the night. Our interactions with colorful Miami Beach characters was helped greatly by the fact that Erin was carrying the signed football she won at auction. Gorgeous girl + football + 2 am = total freak magnet. Very entertaining.

I'll let withdiamonds talk about her elevator encounter on Sunday, because it is wonderful and reaffirmed my feeling that the Elevator People probably had the right idea: just stay there, by the elevators, for every single minute of the day, every day. They probably got to see the guys most, even more than the platinum people.

The game was so much fun, and worth every petty annoyance of the days before. Yes, I cried during the anthem. I started after "the land of the free," when everyone cheered and screamed, and Chris scrunched his face up and JC turned to him, a little. Nsync. I may be teary right now. They are so fucking good.

I sat next to a chatty stranger who asked me if I was on livejournal, and when I identified myself as a slasher, said, "Oh." Hee! She was also mystified by "Seymour" on Joey's jersey, and by the Sugarhill Gang, who made me shriek my brains out and dance like a crazy fool while she sat there, looking around. Ah, well. But again, the day for me could mostly be summed up as JC.

Or, I should say, trickC. I know I have a tinhat. Yes. But JC really did spend a lot of his time looking over at Chris, and they stayed near each other, often shoulder to shoulder or in some way within reaching distance, for most of the game. They chatted a lot, and made each other laugh, and it was comfortable and friendly.

JC is not a bad basketball player, contrary to what I've heard. He played most of the game, joy. Lance really is as terrible as they say, though, and Justin is amazing. Chris tries really hard and fucks up really spectacularly. I enjoyed watching him play most of all, because you never knew when he was going to suddenly hurl the ball randomly into space or into the hands of the opposing team, or crash into somebody or tackle them to the ground. He fouled a couple times, if I recall. Joey didn't play that well, but he kept the crowd going, yelling insults and snarky comments about the Knights. I'm going to hazard a guess, too, that he hated Nancy O'dell or whoever she was as much as we all did. At one point she said something typically stupid and he said, "DUH" and it was maybe a little lacking in good humor. Perfect. She was awful. Totally starstruck by Usher and JT and would not shut up about them, making inappropriate comments in an effort to be funny and cool. I wanted to smack the back of her perfect head.

Got back to the hotel and hung out at the pub. Notable moment: Donna and Ashley and Erin singing Little Shop unknowingly as Joey walked down the steps from the pool. Bwah! I understand he gave them a look. I don't know. I was too busy snorting into my hand. Also notable: at one point in the conversation someone mentioned "Joey," which led Ashley to ask in all innocence, "Joey who?" It was the funniest thing I've ever heard, y'all. Joey who. Almost as funny as that question we were gonna ask one of the guys or their family members, if we ever had an encounter: are you here for Challenge? Ahahahaha!

Skybar is wonderful, and if us non-platinums had had somewhere to sit other than the edge of the pool I would've stayed all night. As it was I left around 1 am with a wet ass after watching Lance for awhile: it was kind of creepy, because people were standing watching him from not more than two feet away, just standing there by his booth by the pool, as if he couldn't reach out and pinch them and tell them to go the fuck away if he wanted. I am continually amazed by fans. It was uncomfortable, and weird, and I'm reminded again of how gracious and polite the guys really are. I'd have pinched them all, every one.

Hung out the next morning with hammerhead22 and alittleblue and coolwhipdiva and rhyssj when she came back from the dead. Oh, and the Fatone clan, who took over the pool and are the coolest family ever. I swear: the more you see Joey and his family, the more like normal people they seem, and if JC and Justin just came and hung out more, I bet people would get used to them, too. It's hard to be too starstruck over someone who's wiping mayonnaise off his face.

Unless you're a sick fuck like me, that is. *veers back out of perv-land*

Drove back to St Pete on Tuesday. There were some tears. It was a fantastic experience and I probably left out all the good parts, but in case I did let me just reiterate how much I love the guys, and how cool it was to get a taste of the lifestyle for a minute, and how wonderful it was to spend time with withdiamonds and her daughters, an amazing family themselves, for a little while again.

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