silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,


Gonna have to unpack from Challenge one of these days.

$145.00 on sushi, today. I love Publix. I will be eating smoked eel cream cheese rolls 'til my brains leak out of my ears. sorry

Rewatching the Nsync SNL clips, because I have an unholy love for 7degrees Celsius. Damn, Bye Bye Bye was up-tempo! Scampering around the stage like demented, um. I almost said puppies. Very cute. And anyone who thinks JC has noassitall syndrome? Needs to watch that song clip. Because oh. Hi.

Speaking of JC, just to be fair, because I always seem to leave him out (ahem), one thing I forgot to mention in my CFTC rehash the other day was how he walks. It's not quite a strut, not quite a swagger... slow, given the chance, and aware, with his shoulders back. He radiates sexual confidence, is what it is, and despite the rumors that say he's repressed or frustrated or whatever, he don't look that way to me. It's like he's looking at every man, woman, cat, dog, tree, building, chair --every thing-- in his path, and thinking hmm. I could make this work.


Okay, done spamming now. It's just nice to have regained my equilibrium. Thanks againagain to everyone who posted to boost me up.
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