silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

JC spanks hard, y'all. And no warm-ups, either, just WHACK. An inspiration to us all.

But the way he growls you like that, doncha makes me very, very nervous.

Here, for those on my flist who haven't seen this 34709 times already. Yum.

Ironically, work today was great. And that's including the fact that we were short a nurse, so I had seven patients. Whoa. Yeah, maybe even a bit more guilt that I may be moving on in a few months. Well. I'll get over that one, I bet.

So, the crossdressing story is done, done, and done, and now I'm at loose ends. What should I write now? I got the itch. Oh. Just to mention: yeah, it's not that crossdressy, really. But I like it anyhow.

eta: fixed the link. stupid html.
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