silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Going back to Orlando on Monday to interview face-to-face with the Department director of the Bone Marrow Transplant unit. She sounds cool. Keep those fingers and toes crossed! Don't hurt yourselves, though.

Hey, what's JC doing these days? Anyone know? It's so hard being a stalker when you're lazy.

*manyhugs* to those folks brave enough to speak up about their painful pasts. I'll tell ya, I know a LOT of my issues with isolation come from my last bf, whom I finally left when the knife hit the wall next to my head on New Year's Eve of the millenium. On that day a new me was born, y'all. And let me just say to all of you who've been damaged in some way like that: it's not your fault. No matter what you think you should have done or could have done at the time, or before, or after: not your fault. So ease up on yourselves a bit, if you can, because you're here now, and isn't that a miracle of the holy right there? Yes.

/soppy rant.

Off to the Beach, this afternoon. And when I come back, maybe a little writing.
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