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Dammit. More shortdeadfic:

"Come here, baby," Chris said.

"Stop," JC said. "What if god's watching?"

Chris stared at him. "Too late, I think."


Randomly, here's an xfiles fic I recced somebody the other day. Wanted to put it in here because I love it so much. No slash, no het. What!! you howl, and don't think I don't hear you, but it's funny and dreamy and has a wonderful Scully and Mulder is the best kind of retard ever.

Fish For Fallen Light, by nevdull.

Plus, the title's taken from my favorite Neruda poem:

If each day falls inside each night,
there exists a well where clarity is imprisoned.
We need to sit on the rim of the well of darkness,
and fish for fallen light with patience.
-- Pablo Neruda

One last bit of random synapse before I flip on the tv. Read Tissue of Silver this afternoon, the Harry/Draco story, or rather skimmed it for the sex (I suck), because saturn92103 mentioned it. Not bad! What I really liked about it is what I like about all my favorite fics: the author's ability to show a growing sensual awareness between the main characters. Some writers got that in spades, and I worship them. (lilysaid, I'm looking at you.) That thing where the pov character finds himself suddenly aware of the other person's skin, and hair, the way that he breathes, or laughs, his smell... mmm.

Just Push Play, where Lance loves to watch JC
What I Do, where Justin starts to notice the way JC sounds
...and many more, thank god.

I've heard it said that stories like that are just wallows, just ways for the authors to indulge in their own love for whoever. I don't know if that's true, since the storyline of falling in love so perfectly supports a sensory barrage of description about that person. But I do wonder if it's possible to write such a story about someone I wasn't a little bit in love with myself. Like, I would have a really hard time writing that about Joey.

'Kay, enough with the spam. Adios for tonight!
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