silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

beth666ann wrote kaelie a birthday story, and oh, my, is it good.

the anxiety of influence

Hot, fun JuC. Highly recommended. In fact, it fits on that list I made the other day. The way Justin wants JC in this one... wowza. Plus, it's a cool au, and beautifully written as her stuff always is. Check it out!

So, I ordered a futon online about three weeks ago, and I've been tracking its progress through UPS. Took it a week to get here from California. But it's been sitting in Jacksonville, Florida, now, for two weeks straight, and while I don't blame the UPS drivers for looking at the thing everyday and thinking "I ain't lifting that fucker," still, I want my bed! As it is now, I'm sleeping on the floor next to my cool Ikea bed frame every night. Which was funny enough to be worthwhile for the first week or so, but jeez.

Wonder what JC's gonna do for his birthday.

Dear God,

Someone needs to give JC a new camera. So Chris can play with it, later on when all the partygoers finally leave.

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