silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Back from Orlando. My apologies to those who thought this was me heading off into the sunset once again. This was the pre-sunset trip! To get the job, you know, to justify the sunset at all. Which I did.

Except that my people in New Mexico haven't faxed the references yet. Poop. So tomorrow is calling-around day, getting-the-refs day, and then I call back the nursing super to accept the job, and then I decide when to head off, and then I call my landlord, who will cry. I feel bad about that. But not really.

And then I quit this job. Yay! Hate this place, so much.

I owe many emails. I will catch up! But right now, I'm exhausted by how, um... quirky Florida drivers are, so I'm gonna go veg. Talk to ya!

mickeym! winter park is gorgeous. it is also, coincidently, the neighborhood closest to florida hospital. ahahahaha! lord.
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