silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Pet fic peeves:

** Dick twitching. Whenever someone's dick twitches in a story, I twitch, too.

** "Josh." No 'splanation required.

** Random pov shifts. It's not so hard, people! Unless your story's about Lance mutating and developing superhuman powers, a statement like "JC's right toe really hurt bad" does not belong in there! Jeez.

** Too many words. You ain't gotta say it 12 times. I get it! I r smrt.

...I had more, but JC's fighting me over this JC/Christopher thingy I'm writing, so I gotta go. I'm so mad at him that the title of this one is "You numbah FIVE." I might change that before posting. We'll see.

Today I'm spammy! Probably we won't be evacuated, where I am. But I'm anticipating the power will go out, since it usually goes out if, like, the humidity's too high. Must get my computing in now.

Oh! A tornado watch, too! It's like a theme park around here, isn't it? "Disaster World." Well, I wanted Florida. Really, it's my own fault.
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